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Starring 2x Olympic champion: Ruthie Bolton

Aim Higher is an 8 module social emotional learning program for school districts that incorporates stories, videos, audio podcasts, character cards, activities, and physical activity for kids. The social emotional content lessons in each module are taught through the childhood stories of a young girl from a tiny, rural town in McLain, Mississippi. She was the 16th born of 20 children. The principles and lessons she learned as a child are what drove her to become a world class hero and Olympic Champion.


Self Awareness

Self Management

Social Skills

Relationship Skills

Responsible Decision-making

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 ” When I share my story with kids, it empowers me and hopefully does the same for you.”


The 8 module Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program is designed for all types of learners with engaging content videos, audio podcast stories, classroom activities, journal entries, reflective questions, character cards, restorative prompts, meditations, and more. Each lesson shows you how to improve your attitude, develop principles, build relationships, find your passion, dream big, set personal goals, overcome adversity, and rise to challenges.

Video Content

Join Ruthie as she shares her personal story of overcoming challenges. The videos are designed over the 8 modules and are a perfect complement to the student activities. 

AuDio Stories

These are designed for the audio learner. Easy to access from the Aim Higher application.

character cards

Character Cards are a take home portion of the program that students can collect and share with others. Each card illustrates a certain component of the SEL competencies and how they connect to Ruthie’s story. 



Ruthie’s Wisdom

I want you to see exactly who I am, a whole person and not just a basketball star who won gold medals and championships. That’s secondary. I want you to see the valleys I went through and all the difficult times I overcame. I want you to know that my life was not always glory and excitement. Nobody’s life is like that all the time. That’s why I want you to see ways in which you can AIM HIGHER so that you can become the BEST VERSION of yourself.  I created the AIM HIGHER PROGRAM for you because I want you to know that I truly care. I hope you become a better person through my story.


“I’m proud to endorse Aim Higher… I first got to know Ruthie when she was presented the prestigious Exceptional Woman of Color award in 2018.  Since then we have collaborated on many projects focused on youth and also mental health.  As a School Board Member, I am committed to providing our students with access to resources to support their social and emotional wellbeing.  Ruthie has been that resource.  Further, when I was the CEO of Mental Health America of CA, Ruthie was a featured speaker at our statewide mental health day at the CA State Capitol.  Her presentation moved all that heard her and she left the audience with hope despite their challenges.
Again, I’m happy and proud to endorse Ruthie Bolton. She is the real deal and an expert in this space.”
Zima Creason

San Juan Unified Board of Education

“I cannot think of a better person, role model, and motivational speaker than Ruthie Bolton to speak to a group of kids. Ruthie is a person of integrity who has amassed a lifetime of achievement. She came from humble beginnings and has persevered and thrived despite many challenges from childhood to adulthood. This ultra-talented basketball player and Olympic gold medalist did it through hard-work, self-awareness, and faith. Every kid in America needs to hear her story!”

Larry E. DiChiara, Ed.D.

Former Superintendent of Phenix City, Alabama


AtTitudE in Motion

AIM Higher

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