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How do we use AIM HIGHEr?

AIM HIGHER offers 3 different school program licenses available. 

1) “Mighty” Ruthie SEL Program

Student learning outcomes incorporate social emotion learning experiences and activities are aligned with SEL competencies:

  • Managing one’s emotions
  • Identifying and using stress management strategies
  • Exhibiting self-discipline and self-motivation
  • Setting personal and collective goals
  • Using planning and organizational skills
  • Showing the courage to take initiative
  • Demonstrating personal and collective agency

2) “Mighty” Ruthie SEL Engagement Program 

(Minimum of 200 students and staff)

Included in The “Mighty” Ruthie Engagement Program are personalized messages to your students and staff. Ruthie will also be available on a weekly basis for a period of 8 weeks to connect with your students. 

3) “Mighty” Ruthie SEL All-Access Program

(Minimum of 200 students and staff)

Included in The “Mighty” Ruthie Mentorship Program, Ruthie will upload personalized messages to your students and staff, and will be available on a weekly basis for a period of 8 weeks to connect with your students. Ruthie will also come to your school for a day upon completion of the program in order to share her empowering message with your students and staff. 

Is there a minimum number of student and staff licenses we need to have?

With The “Mighty” Ruthie Program, there is not a minimum number of students and staff. 

With the “Mighty” Ruthie Engagement Program and The “Mighty” Ruthie All-Access Program, the minimum number of students and staff is 200.

How long is the program?

The program has been designed with flexibility for teachers, schools, and administrators. Many schools now have an SEL block within their day or week. Within each AIM HIGHER module, there are video and audio lessons, text read alongs, meditations, questions for students, activities, and more. Each aspect of the program can be started at any point and resumed at any point. Each lesson can range from approximately 5-25 minutes. We recommend taking 1-2 weeks to complete each module. However, each module can be spread out over a month’s time. 

How do we access the Aim Higher program?

For teachers, Aim Higher is accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile app. Students access the program via tablets or mobile device. Parents may also have the option to link to their student’s account. 

Does the program work in-school, remote, or after school?

The Aim Higher Program was designed with complete flexibility. It can be adapted to meet the needs of any situation, including access at school, at home, or a hybrid environment.

Can we track student engagement?

Yes. Teachers and administrators can run reports in order to track student engagement and assignment completion.

Any other features?

Schedule and calendar. Activities and assignment scheduling. Teacher’s only resource library. 

How do we get started?

Just complete the contact form and we will reach out to you. Yes. It’s that simple.